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Feb 25 - March 3

Web of Relationships: 

Social Networks

and Social Media

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March 4 - 10

Birth: The Rise of

Social Media

  March 11 - 17


Social Movements

  March 18 - 24

Fight Club:

Public vs Private

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March 25 - 31

If You Build It:

Social Media


  April 1 - 7

Painful Lessons:

When Social Media

Takes a Wrong Turn

  April 8 - 14

Don't Hold Your Breath:

Managing the

Information Cascade

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April 15 - 21

Crossing Lines:

Laws, Borders, and

Social Media

  April 22 - 28

Digital Footprint:

Ethics, Social Media,

and Big Data

  April 29 - May 5

Split Personality:

Your Many Social

Media Selves


Course Description: Students explore emerging social media technologies and processes and study their application in a variety of contemporary settings. Students will learn how to use and author content for such online tools such as blogs, microblogs, collaboration mechanisms, podcasts, RSS-feeds, video, bookmarking, and other emerging web technologies. The course will also study how to use these technologies to monitor conversations on the Internet, engage online communities, identify influencers, and establish thought leadership. See Course Learning Outcomes.


Instructor: Maria H. Andersen, Ph.D.

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